Get your online dating profile noticed- Advice to Seniors

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The journey of online dating can be many things – exciting, scary, fun, comical, boring and everything else in between. For some, it is a successful quest but for others it is one that has not proved to be useful. The one thing that will give you a massive head start in the world of online dating is to have a fantastic profile that is bound to get noticed and there are four ways in which you can do this pretty easily.

1.       As the famous saying goes; a picture really does paint a thousand words. Have photos on your profile that shows you doing the things you love the most. If you enjoy hanging out with friends and partying, have some good party shots. If you enjoy hiking through the woods, go with a friend and a camera and take some photos of you enjoying the wildlife. Most people would rather see quick snapshots than read pages of text.

2.       Have a headline that describes you quickly and simply. Don’t use anything too sexy as you will seem “easy” and don’t be insulting or negative. Just be plain and simple and use the headline to capture your personality.

3.       Make sure that you know what you are looking for and make this clear in your profile right at the very top of your own description. If you want a long term relationship, put that and if you don’t, put what you are looking for. It makes life much easier when people are trying to find potential mates and there is nothing worse than getting to know someone and liking them only to find out that both parties want different things out of the new friendship.

4.       Make sure that you are positive in your profile. There is something rather attractive about someone that has a very negative profile and you will attract only negative people if you do this.

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