Good Gravy – Impress your date “Senior Style”

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If you really want to impress someone then the fastest way to do that is with good cooking.  Being a good cook really shows that you have a viable skill, one that gives you value when it comes to the basic essentials.  You know food, shelter, clothing, and those basic essentials.  When dating someone, if you can demonstrate, even subtly that you can provide any of the three basic essentials, it taps into the survival instinct.  This gives you a lot of bonus points in their mind, even if they are not completely aware of it themselves.

If you can knit, sew, make clothes, anything of this nature that demonstrates that you can clothe yourself and others and this is a basic essential.  When you demonstrate that you can does this it makes someone feel comfortable with you.  The same goes for shelter.  If you can build with legos or Lincoln logs, if you know how to put up a tent or make a tree fort, then you are capable of providing shelter.   That one is a big deal.  If you can actually provide a house, as in, you own your home, then that is also a great way to show that you have the basic essentials under control.

The best one though, the one that is tied to so many other thought processes is cooking.  Show that you can cook or bake and make it your best, and you will have either another date or definitely a new friend for life.

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