How Not To Act When You Have Been Dumped!- Advice for Seniors

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Being dumped is never a good thing and most of us dread the day in which this happens. Being told by someone that you are no longer wanted can seem like the end of the world and it drives most people to distraction but there are certain guidelines to how you should be have when you have suffered a relationship breakdown and above all, there are some things that you will want to avoid.

Being angry is normal but being angry and shouting and screaming at your now ex-partner is not! This makes you look childish and ridiculous and although you may want to scream from the roof tops how angry you actually are, it is perhaps best to keep it to yourself especially if you think that you might want to try and win your ex over at some point. If you are angry and have to do something about it, write it down in a journal or tell friends and family, don’t take it out on your ex-partner as they are just following their instincts and doing what is right for them. We have all wanted to get out of a relationship at some point!

Another thing that you should not do when you have been dumped is to go around bad mouthing your ex to everyone that has five minutes to spare and listen. This will make you appear bitter, childish again and you are likely to find that getting another date will be difficult as no one wants to go out with the guy or girl that cannot handle being rejected!

There are many things that you should avoid doing when you have been dumped by your partner and on top of the ones that we have mentioned you should also never get drunk, never sleep with anyone else to try and get over the last partner and above all, lose your dignity and your self-respect!

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