How to Propose Advice to Seniors

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Once you’ve found the woman you want to marry, there are a few steps to follow to make sure the proposal goes smoothly.  First off, find a ring.  Make sure it’s something that suits her style.  Most importantly, make sure it is something in your budget.

It may also be important to ask her father, or in some cases mother, permission and their blessing in marrying their daughter.  If she has a close relationship with her parents, then this is definitely an important step, whether she has mentioned it or not.

Think about how you’re going to pop the question.  Where, how, when, all are important things to keep in mind, but it is important that you keep her thoughts and feelings in mind as well.  If she is a very private person, it is not a good idea to propose in the middle of a restaurant where she might be embarrassed.  You might want to do it in a park, or somewhere you had your first date, or any other memorable spot.

Be spontaneous about the date.  You don’t want to make it on a day that already has a meaning, like your first date; it’s too cliché.  Keep her guessing and you won’t be disappointed, and won’t disappoint her either.

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