How to Say No

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While online dating you will find many people who are interested in you but you will also find that you may not be interested in everyone. Some people you will find attractive while others for whatever reason don’t seem so appealing. The polite thing to do is to simply tell them no and that you are not interested. This must be done in a nice way but not too nice because that will leave the door wide open for further communication. If you do not want to communicate any longer you will need to make that clear. Be sure not to be rude but be to the point. Sometimes if you say “no” people will not get the hint so being straightforward and rude to some extent may need to happen. A simple way to say that you are not interested is to say “thanks for showing interest but I don’t think that we would make a good match”. That is all that needs to be said and usually the person will go away. If you try over and over to get them to leave you alone and they simply don’t listen then many online dating websites will allow you to block other members. If it gets really out of hand you can usually contact someone within the online dating website that will be able to help you out.

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