In Search for Perfection

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Many people have it set in their heads, the qualities that they want in an ideal mate. For some, that involves perfection however, I am here to tell you that perfect person does not exist! That is simply because no one is perfect. We often find someone who we are dating who almost has it all. Maybe they have a great job, looks and whatever else you long for in a mate but come to find out they are lacking something. Maybe they aren’t that great during intimacy or they have a really annoying laugh. Truth is you need to let perfection go. You are not going to find it and if you wait for it, it will never come and you will end up alone. There are no princes or princesses and life is not a fairytale. If you are a perfectionist and want the perfect person you are going to need to learn how to settle if you don’t want to be alone. You may find someone who comes close to your price charming but no one will 100% satisfy you. If you’re in search for perfection you will be disappointed. The key is to find someone that almost has it all and to except their faults.

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